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Thread: Regional Map for a Game World

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    Wip Regional Map for a Game World

    Started work on this last week or something as something to keep me busy while in hospital (it was something I wanted to do anyway!), but I haven't really had time to do anything to it for 3 days or so now. Most of it's been a mix of tinkering and peeking at the maps and tutorials on this awesome forum.

    It's my first attempt at a map, and since about 90% of the in-game area models are already done, I don't have -that- much room for flexibility in the main layout of things, but . My main troubles are the marshland on the east side of the mainland, which I'm finding near-impossible to draw (possibly because I'm using a mouse, but mainly because I can't figure out in my head what it should look like!), and I've got a few problems with scale, but the vast majority of those are because it's based on an in-game scale rather than a map-wide one (something I quite regret doing now ).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some notes:

    The dotted city districts (in the northern city) are supposed to represent areas that are unlivable - I wasn't sure how to represent it, but that's probably not really the kind of thing I should relate to this map. The city itself also massively out of scale at the moment, should be around 50% bigger than it is and stretch to the bottom edge of the trees next to it. (It's 3 areas tall, not 2. Oops!)

    I'm going to remove the shoreline on the east side near the marshland, but wanted to get the land looking right first. (Though that might be the wrong way around)

    Loving this forum, by the way.

    If anyone's got any suggestions on drawing swampy marshy bits (I've made another attempt but it still didn't turn out too great) that's probably what I need to get done first.
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    I was going to recommend to you a thread about doing swamps in the "How Do I???" section started by Seraphine_Harmonium, but it seems you've found it already on your own.^^ What you've got looks like a very nice start. Looking forward to how it develops.

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    An update, but not the best sort. Laptop went off in the middle of editing it, and the first map got corrupted - fortunately, I do keep a few backups since I anticipated it, but it's a little bit earlier. Oh well, could be worse, but it's definitely not a great start!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm pondering whether to just work over the .jpg I have of the updated one or redo the towns and all that; I'm going to have YET ANOTHER stab at that marshland first.

    EDIT: Whoops, I forgot to remove the grid.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think I'm definitely going to have to give in on that swampland for now. I figured if I got the ground sorted and the river layout correct to the game it'd piece together, but it really hasn't.

    I'm going to ignore it after I fix the rivers and just do everything else instead, and then see if I can fluke something up with it.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Haven't had the chance to work on it for a while but I picked it up a few hours ago and fiddled a little bit. I'm going to put some more time into it and hopefully get it presentable in the next few days.

    It's currently a little too colourful and I need to do new rivers to fit them between the trees, and then re-add some clumps of visibility blocking forest bits. Maybe I should've done the river bit as one image-wide texture thingy and then just drawn over it. Oops. The forest split is a semi-important bit (as a representation of the spread of blighted ground, halted by water), so it's something I should've considered first instead of making one big cluster - I ended up deleting and editing the existing layers over and over and I'm still not really that happy with it, but it'll do!

    I smoothed out the hard edge shore on the eastern side (erm, the top bit still really needs some work there), but I'm honestly still clueless what I'm going to do with that side. I'm hoping I can just fluke something up and nobody will notice, but it hasn't happened so far. ._.

    I'll fix the colours in a bit and hopefully sort out the brightness, and then have a shot at fixing the southern/northeastern forests, and the water passing through the forest.

    I'm totally crossing my fingers for suggestions on that eastern chunk, though.
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    I think the color saturation is ok, but the actual land is really dark (you mentioned that, so I know you know, but I wanted to confirm). Other than that, this is looking really good! I'm glad to see a southern-hemisphere land mass for a change, we have a lot of north-centric folks around here

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