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Thread: Calling all City Mappers

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    Post Calling all City Mappers

    In the interests of getting some cross pollenisation going I'm putting out a shout for anyone who would like to map the city of Arkender in Groam. Its a big city but would be an interesting mapping cllange I think, largely becasue its a sprawling slum that extends right up to the water on a few sides.

    Dont think you need to have mapped a region for this. Anyone is welcome.

    At the same time is there anyone who needs a specific city mapped in the region they have done? I'm on a city mapping buzz at the moment and would love to do another one when I've finished Kwourin (which should be this week).

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    I think that city maps (which are very time consuming and require a lot of detail) themselves should be broken down, but we need a 'style sheet' for each city so the maps remain consistent. Let me ruminate and come back to you, Torq.

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    Post Calishem, eventually...

    Looks like I'll be needing Calishem mapped, but we're talking a city of 850,000 plus people - I'll probably be giving some direction on this, if not mapping it completely myself.

    I think I'll first map Darkovia as its much smaller yet, still an interesting place. Then I'll get to work on Calishem. But if anyone else is interested in working on this urban sprawl - volunteers are welcome!

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    I'm not sure about needing a stylesheet... What should any two cities have similar map styles (unless you are talking about making and atlas).

    On this note, If someone has a location for a canal city (search WIPs for canal), I'll finish it up to fit the details of such a location... (on a river delta with a sea port and river port).

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    I think by Style Sheet (Using my City of Deestan as an Example) the stylesheet for that city would be close crowed buildings, with tight streets and lots of thoroughfares. Compare to the city of Koppolex. Should multiple mappers be involved in mapping one city, the city would need to conform to a singular style otherwise it can look really jarring.

    My thoughts.
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