Hi guys; I'm requesting a nice map to be made, sort of like when you open an atlas on the big 2 page spread of the Eart, the world it's set on it about 1.5x the size of earth, so its a bit bigger, and pretty much the same sorta area.. jsut different to make it slightly fantasyesque


Hoping for it to be sort of.. atlas-ish, and with he continents too, so I can blow them up, and put on places of interest, cities, etc.

Quality & Size

I'm hoping for good quality; not too sure about the size, perhaps sort of A4 sized? I'd like it to be decent quality, and so I can print it off.

Time Constraints

I'd like it within a month, but whoever takes this up, has as much time as they need..


I'd like to keep copyright; as I'm writing a story, and want this as a background, but, I have no problem it being signed, I'd gladly credit the artist, as their talent has made it

** If you are interested, please email, and I can send you a rough sketch and have a chat, I'd offer about £20 for this? Thankyou for your time **

Contact Details

The(nospace)great(nospace)ironbug at yahoo dot co dot uk