I'm wondering if someone would be able to create for me a map of a port city with five districts. I'll describe what I want here:

To the Northwest is the ocean, and the only part of the city that isn't walled in. This is also where the Warehouse and shipping District is (lots of big warehouses and some docks). To the northeast is the city entrance, which leads directly into the Greater Market, which forms a semicircle around the entrance and the northeast corner of the city. Slightly to the West is the Shipping Market (where products imported from the shipping district are distributed and sold). Between these two markets and slightly to the south is the Lesser Market (slightly smaller than the greater market). All three of these markets are part of the Market District, which contains mostly scattered houses surrounding the three markets. To the southeast of the city is the Tavern and Inn District. This city is a dark one with a lot of drunks and thieves, so there are a lot of alleyways in this district. To the southwest of the city is the Military and Government District, where a large building serves as the housing for the government of the city and it is surrounded by smaller buildings for military training and barracks. And in the middle of all of these Districts is the Residential district, which houses apartment buildings and townhomes.

Please post what you have created (or brainstormed) in this thread.