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    Default Hello Everyone

    Alright So I have been an artist since birth, it runs in my family, and I was the odd ball that fell in love with Dungeons and Dragons, one of the greatest things to be was the maps. I so happened to come across someone's fantasy ISO maps on Deviant and fell so in love with them that I ended up here and I want to learn to draw and create maps, dungeons, towns, etc. I'm really excited about this, because I am also learning 3.5 ed DnD at the moment with my older brother.

    I'm open to messages, friendly hellos, and any pointers to tutorials or other things that would be of interest.

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    (= friendly hello =)

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    Welcome to the guild Lawrence! You've got an entire section dedicated to HowTo's and tuts in the forum... Hope to see what will come up soon!

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    Welcome Lawrence, Depassage is right on, spend a couple hours browsing the tutorials section and you will find a treasure trove of helpful "how-to's". Pick a style you like and run with it. It's helpful to post up a WIP map so that others can offer constructive criticism.


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