This is just a new test map I'm working with. I used City Engine to randomly generate a city within the "confines" of the island coastline. The southern end of the bay (so the north-central area of the city) is composed mostly of skyscrapers, the surrounding area is then "divided" (going outwards in arcs) into "Parisian", "Venetian", and "vanilla suburban". That last label is my own, but it's pretty close. I didn't write up any of the CE code myself, it's all from the example projects and such, namely the City Wizard "textured city" rule file, and then the Paris and Venice rule files. I used an obstacle map but no terrain map, so the CE file doesn't actually display the hills I've added since generating the city.

This is really just a test of CE, and colors in PS (CS5). And of scale - I have the hardest time scaling things properly at this size. The original map is 20"x20"; this one is 5"x5".
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No labels, no green or natural areas, and individual buildings can't be differentiated if they're set right up against each other (which is the case in most of the lots, where the buildings "circle" a central courtyard area). Although I like this map, I think the next one I work on will be a whole lot more custom and not relying so much on random generation.