This month's lite challenge is to do an isometric perspective map. Anything goes for subject: it can be a building, a dungeon, a ship, a city or a whole nation! As long as it makes use of the isometric perspective, it's in!

The challenge will end on July 15 between 11pm and Midnight, EDT.

As always, to enter you must:
• Start a new thread in this forum with the title June/July Lite Challenge Entry - <name of entry>
• Attach any work in progress images to your posts using the forum Attachment Manager
• Use the tag ### Latest WIP ### before any image you post so that the thumbnail manager can pick it up. It doesn't have to be in bold lettering like I have it but the text must be the same.

Also, we have a lot of new folks, so if you're new to the challenges (or just haven't read it in a while) please check out the rules sticky here:

All of the current thumbnails can be found here:

Good luck everyone!