Hi everyone,

in case you couldn't read the title, this is a thread dedicated to the mapping of a world that i am making for a custom D&D 4e campaign. this thread will cover the mapping of the continent, and then individual cities, as well as example buildings from each city. the world is not complete in any way, and more cities will be added along the way.
any and all suggestions are welcome, as this is the first time i've ever seriously tried to map out the world. i have CC3, and am learning the basics as to how it works, so if there are suggestions regarding mapping style, please keep that in mind.

okay, now that i have that out of the way, let me introduce the world. the continent where everything will take place is called Kulros. a very long time ago, a cataclysm occured - a massive meteor smashed into the southern end of the landmass, fracturing the tectonic plate that Kulros was located on, and turning the entire landmass into a massive mountain range. the only real flat ground is artificial. here is my first sketch of Kulros, along with a cleaned up version i made in Inkscape:
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in both you should be able to see where exactly the meteor struck. the Inkscape version shows the temperature/foliage density, with the south being more tropical and lush, and the north being cold and relatively barren.

regarding cities, the major means of transport is by airship. there isn't enough flat ground for roads, so airships are prevalent, along with the less prevalent water ship transport. because of this, almost all cities/towns have some sort of airship dock - Skydocks. if you want i can list and provide descriptions of each city i have come up with so far, but i am not ready to map those yet. i want to finish mapping the landmass first.

so, what i am currently attempting to do is put what i have so far for the map into CC3. so any help there is appreciated.

also, sorry about the really long post, i'll try to keep them more succinct from now on.