A question for all the expert's and old hand's,,

I've used many different website software over the years, WebEasy, Coffee cup (free version) Trellian, etc. Currently I'm playing with Tiddlywiki on my netbook, via DDNS with TZO.com and testing Drupal on my main comp by way of a local Apache server, (which is what's running on my Netbook)

The problem is, I've taken note that while the initial setup of tiddlywiki as a web page is easy,,it doesn't look or act the same over various browsers and sessions, (i've been fooled by my own sessions looking as i expected, only to realize it'd look diff to a new hit) Drupal is nice but i haven't found a good Tut for a Noob, It's always nice to see the beautifull websites the pros produce but, when they won't put out instructions for everyone else, why should everyone use it?

So, besides making regular old websites with stuff such as webeasy or trellian, or coffee cup, which isn't too bad, where's a guy to go for good tuts on tiddlywiki (seems easier) or Drupal (seems much more powerfull) I know there's an HTML 5 version of Tiddlywiki in the works btw

I know of some other stuff too, just kinda tryin to give a fansite type thread a kick in the pants, the pants without money to throw into a site.