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Thread: [Region 1][Map 30] - Wilderness and Ruin

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    Post [Region 1][Map 30] - Wilderness and Ruin

    Every region needs a place where the monsters come from!

    In so far as I can suggest what should be done with this region and how it could be developed I say:

    "Fie on (current) cities, roads, and developments of any size!"

    I'm looking to make it tough and unsuitable for easy settlement. Not rivers of ash and fountains of magma but perhaps deadlands or a mini dessert.

    Of course its still part of the group project so I don't know what my wishes mean, but there they are.....

    Anyone wanting to have an exotic animal or Ruin I invite you to talk to me while I'm working on the land. I'll adapt or fold,spindle, mutilate to make this a region that could actually hide something.

    - Sigurd

    Anyone with the various Fractal Terrains exports, MDR, or whatever sort of file for this region (and world) could you PM me. I'd love to have something more to start with.
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    Sounds cool Sigurd. I'd love to map a few of your ruins when you are up and running. I hope you dont mind I changed the title of the thread to bring it in line with the convention.

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    Post Working together is Good

    Sure I'm all for convention. I thought the simpler naming system would be easier to navigate. I'd go so far as to suggest the naming format be.

    alpha numeral numeral - numberal numeral numeral - Region name.

    so this would be

    a01 - 030 - Wilderness and Ruin


    a01 - 030 - Wilderness and Ruin - Sigurd

    That would sort better and, I think, be easier on the eyes if this were a list.

    But I'm cool with anything we all do.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd View Post
    Anyone with the various Fractal Terrains exports, MDR, or whatever sort of file for this region (and world) could you PM me. I'd love to have something more to start with.
    Will do. I have been doling them out. I can give a map shape image, greyscale height map and light map... give me a mo, ill edit them in.

    Sorry I dont have an MDR thats an FT thing. Neon or Ravs might be able to help a little but I have a greyscale height map. The border is missing. I cant remember if that is my script or whether the data ended there. Technically the tile ends at the border of the image and so you might need to hand edit in some of that missing border if you want to.
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    Post Plans for 30 - Outline for neighbors

    Just thought I'd give a general outline for my neighbors.

    This is a quick outline.

    Region 30 is a largely forsaken place. It has a ring of terrible land (Haven't decided how) surrounding a dried out river that leads to a dead lake. Around the lake are the remains of a dead culture including all the nasties that don't strictly need much to exist. Liches, the occasional old tower, the mad wizard scholar looking for secrets - that sort of thing.

    The mountains around the rim hold old temples and tombs from the dead culture. Tales of the dangers in these mountains has largely kept any settlement plans elsewhere.

    Gold, danger, nasties and no over arching government entangles. It holds potential!


    RE Borders I'll do whatever people want. Assuming I get more complete image squares, I'll go to the end of my square. Otherwise a border around our current project might be a useful constraint and I'll leave it in.
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    Here is the Greyscale PNG File converted to a MDR file.
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    Post On the shoulders of Giants

    Basically by playing with settings in programs I didn't write, I have a clearer mock up of section 30. Here is it, still with the Wilbur shade colours, modified a bit. A version without contour lines and one with 10m contours.

    What it tells me is that the land is still too bumpy in the 'plains' and not bumpy enough in the hills. Oh well, this has to mesh with the rest of the tiles and I'm not actually putting a building on it
    My rivers are too deep and short, I have no vegitation yet, and I haven't really asserted _my_ control on the square. I'm still 'discovering' the land not training it.

    You can see that I cut in the river bed and opened a pass through the mountains. I did this in Wilbur.

    Q: Is this too big a picture to include in the message?

    Q: Can someone more observant than me tell me how big these squares are in miles or km?

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    Sorry for being a bit thick, but what is an MDR file?
    Great start, Sigurd! I really like the idea of a desolate mountainy place with lots of monsters. Good quest country!
    The squares are about 600 miles across, a little more for the southern lands a little less for the northern lands.

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