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Thread: [Region 1][Map 30] - Wilderness and Ruin

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    Post [Region 1][Map 30] - Wilderness and Ruin

    Every region needs a place where the monsters come from!

    In so far as I can suggest what should be done with this region and how it could be developed I say:

    "Fie on (current) cities, roads, and developments of any size!"

    I'm looking to make it tough and unsuitable for easy settlement. Not rivers of ash and fountains of magma but perhaps deadlands or a mini dessert.

    Of course its still part of the group project so I don't know what my wishes mean, but there they are.....

    Anyone wanting to have an exotic animal or Ruin I invite you to talk to me while I'm working on the land. I'll adapt or fold,spindle, mutilate to make this a region that could actually hide something.

    - Sigurd

    Anyone with the various Fractal Terrains exports, MDR, or whatever sort of file for this region (and world) could you PM me. I'd love to have something more to start with.
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