Hello there, everyone. My name's Ricardo, though you may call me Ricky if that takes your fancy.

I'm an author by trade, having primarily published short stories at the moment. Because I have always been most taken by science-fiction and fantasy, I have been drawing maps for worlds of my own creation since I was three years old. It is only in the past two years or so, however, that I've invested time into learning the formal method of cartography, which has certainly added a new layer of depth to my map work. There are many maps that I wish I could show you, but cannot just yet, because they are destined for publication, but I have signed up with the intention of at least sharing some of the resources I've developed. You can find, for example, the Winkel Tripel projection grid I've designed here.

I hope to have the time to develop more useful resources for all the cartographers out there; if there's anything I enjoy as much as creating worlds, it's helping others to do the same.