Hello! I'm a midwest transplant living in NYC working in the lowest ranks of television and film. Someday you'll see my name before the beginning of a film but for now, you'll find it at the end.

I guess I've always been making maps since I was a youngling. When the neighborhood kids wanted to go treasure hunting I'd say, "We need a map first." Because, how could you find the treasure without a map? This graduated to hours long sessions on MS Paint where I could make as many mistakes as I wanted without burning through all of the paper in the house. Now I doodle in my notebook on the subway to and from work. For me, it's fun to create the continent, watch the mountains pop up and form rivers, install forests, and imagine the politics of the denizens of my 3"x5" world.

Maps help me understand and clear my head as I'm a synesthete who takes comfort in images and symbols. So I'm here to learn more about cartography and perhaps I'll post some of the ridiculous places I created. I've chosen the name Rivers as they are the most confuddling thing about mapmaking. That and swamps. What is it with swamps?