Greetings everyone, Im generally just a lurker here(always forget to log in) and am having quite the predicament. I cannot for the life of me draw sutable town maps. I have no problem drawing dungeons,world, and or area maps by hand but when it comes to towns in cannot be done. My primary medium for mapping is graph paper(4 squares to the inch), but whenever I attempt a town map they end up looking to uniform and blocky(akin to old simcity towns). I would like to be able to draw towns that look natural, that is with curving streets and haphazard sprawling city blocks ect.

It has gotten bad enough that in past games I dont even bother with a map and or urban exploration, instead run with sparse notes on the village in question(locales, npc ect). The thing is I want to have town maps and it makes me frustrated at times that I have such issues drawing them. Anyone who is skilled in the art of town mapping have any advice or a link to a "had drawn" tutorial, or anything? Whatever assisstance that can be provided will be much appreciated.