I'm currently writing a fantasy book that will become a series of 4 to 5 books. This is a personal project I have been working on for about 6 years now. I'm looking to get these published. If you wish to know more about the project before accepting you can contact me for information below.

A fictional planet called Myrith.

I'm looking for a world map containing one large continent, geographical features, borders for each region, and one city location.

  • The North of the Continent would consist of snow and a Kingdom by the name of Ordul. Ordul would cover the compete north of the continent, from east to west.

  • To the south west would be desert that follows the whole south almost until it reaches the center of the continent this is home to the Kingdom of Secian.

  • In the very heart of the continent is the Urim Kingdom. The Capital city is built into the side of a mountain that separates the center region from the western region. A river also needs to pass by the north side of the city.

  • The mountain range should extend completely from north to south. The direct layout isn't important, but there must be a narrow pass directly south of the Urim capital city. The pass is called Hells Gate.

  • on the south east is another region owned by the Kingdom of Zuriel, from the east coast until it borders a large forest.

  • above the Kingdom of Zuriel is the Kingdom of Melchom, covering most of the center east and stretching to the center.

  • In between Zuriel and Urim is a large forest owned by the Kingdom of Amiri. The Amiri also control the coast south of the forest.

  • South of the Continent would be a chain of islands with one large island.

  • The Largest Island to the south is ruled by the Sato clan, the chain of islands are inhabited by the people of Dovan.

  • To the west, off the coast for a few miles lays a underwater empire called Aventura. this is the only place to contain no cities.

The style I would like to see is something similar to this map I like the hand drawn feel of this map. The map it's self doesn't have to be hand drawn however.

The rest I leave up to the cartographers discretion.


I'm not very familiar with image sizing, but I would like it to be large enough to print a poster size image for planning.

I would like to retain the copyright of the map, but I wish to have the cartographer sign the map and credit will be given.

Time Limit:
None. I am still currently working on these and need a map to continue.

Payment Available through paypal. You can contact me at nine-breaker at (on msn or via email) , bluedeath44 (AIM), or Skype Via Adonael44 to discuss a price.