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    Help Fictional Nation Map.

    I play a nation-simulation game called Nationstates, and I was hoping somebody would be willing to make my nation a map... Please and Thank you .

    Project Scope:
    My nation is known for its harsh desert terrain and one large chain of mountains smack dab in the middle called The Doshavand Mountains, (they're larger then the Himalayas). My capital city is called Al-Riyadda, and other main cities are called Baghdina, Asgabhad, Shiraan, Kasraz, and Mosai. I don't care where you put the other cities, but can you put my capital city in the north western part of the nation. My nation borders three nations, one nation to my right, and two nations to my left, their border's contact each other around half way up my border while I have a southern and northern coastline.

    Fictional Modern Middle Eastern Nation

    Design Concept:
    A modern fictional middle eastern nation. One and a half times taller than its width. A Southern, Northern and South Western coastline. Picture Kazakhstan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran all thrown together mushed into one country. With one large mountain chain dividing it in the middle and four or five small likes spread throughout the nation

    Number of maps:
    One blank non colored map
    One map showing points major cities and terrain

    Preferably Large, PNG, GIF, or JPG, JPEG.

    The creator reserves all copyright, I just want to be able to post it on a forum and say "This is my nation's map/this is my country."

    Very flexible, I draw and I hate being rushed.

    The reason why this says [Paid?] and not [Paid] is because I'm not certain what my paypal password is and I have no way of getting into it. Due to the fact that my email associated with that paypal was hacked so I'll be working on creating a new paypal account. So once I get things straightened out probably thirty dollars maximum because my mom takes more then half my paycheck.

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