Hello world,
I am brand new to this site. I originally got my start in cartography due to being a dungeon master. I really enjoy it because I have both a very creative and sometimes very analytical brain. I take my inspiration from other members on this site and from high fantasy book maps like Eragon and Lord of the Rings. I do all of my maps entirely by hand. I use a drafting desk with standard drafting materials. I prefer to use Bristol paper as my material of choice and use drawing pencils for the sketching of the maps. I always finish in permanent ink from drafting pens, preferred size 0.5 with a hard felt tip. I do lined dungeons but I enjoy making world maps the most not just for my use only but for others if they so want a world made from scratch and their ideas. this is the beginning of my first attempt at a world map for my friend as a joke.Click image for larger version. 

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