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Thread: Geographic hieght map for a game-mod project.

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    Default Geographic hieght map for a game-mod project.


    I'm making a mod for the pc game Crusader Kings 2, the goal is a total conversion into Andrzej Sapkowski's 'Witcher Universe'. The game uses several bmp files to define the various things on the map, such as height, terrain type, climate, and the different named provinces.

    I need help translating this realm into a height map the game can use:

    This is a colormap/satellite-imagery map I finished recently for it, I think it will be easier to go off of rather than parchment maps!

    The game recognizes 94, 94, 94 as sea level. Anything above is on land and anything below is in the water.

    If anyone could help, or point me to someone who could, or any helpful tutorials, it would be greatly appreciated.
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