So, after having played 4e D&D for a couple of years now we feel like a change of scenery. So we're looking for something new to play and a shift of genre. Maybe Superheros, cyberspace or just plain space... we do like our cyberspace/space to be on the dark and gritty side though - so no SW

We're a pretty experienced group with most of us having played for 30+ years so don't be afraid to challenge us *lol* - however one of the things that we want to leave behind for now is the simplicity of skills in D&D.

Over the years we played a lot of games including: Rolemaster, Gurps (some more than others), Shadowrun, Warhammer (fantasy), James Bond, Twillight 2000, Call of Cthuthulu, Star Wars, Star Trek, Cyberspace (ICE), Space Master, D&D 1, 3 and 4, Villains and Vigilantes and much much more... some of those might have arrived in new versions these last 5-10 years since we played them.

So if anybody have an idea of what to play - fire away