I have done the initial rough grey sketch for my entry. I decided to map a cave for a number of reasons - I never really do natural caverns so it would be good practice. Also the other option was probably a town but someone else is already doing one of those. There was a cave map someone posted (torstan I think?) ages ago too so that was also some inspiration for this choice.

This cave is related to my Antira series of maps. It's a cave nearby that a lot of people actually know about so if there are new bandits in the area or someone is on the run, this is one of the first places the local magistrate will check. As a result it has been used and cleared out countless times.

Also some people believe it is rich in gold and will come here looking for it, but it's not. It's just iron pyrite.

There is currently a new resident who has fixed up the old barricade.

### LATEST WIP ###
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