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Thread: *** May Super Challenge - Minimalist for Virtual Tabletop - WITH PRIZES!!!

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    Post *** May Super Challenge - Minimalist for Virtual Tabletop - WITH PRIZES!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Cartographers of all ages, welcome to the first ever sponsored mapping challenge. The month of May brings us a specific challenge proposed and sponsored by RPGTonight. We will be handling a specific theme aimed towards the Virtual Tabletop (VT) environment.

    As the VT concept becomes more popular, there comes a time where minimalist approaches are a bit more necessary in order to conserve bandwidth in the case of slow connection players. With this in mind, the folks over at RPGTonight have proposed that we create a map with as much detail as you wish to cram in, yet keeping it under a certain file size, but over a certain dimension. Here's the details:

    Theme: Minimalist maps for online Virtual Tabletops. The challenge is to come up with an attractive online "battlemap" for online virtual tabletop style games.

    • The map must have a resolution of at least 1280 X 1024 pixels
    • The filesize must be no more than 75kb.
    • The map must be useful as a "battlemap" on which miniatures (thumbnail size tokens), can be moved around. A scale of around 5 - 10 pixels per foot is a good size.
    • The map must depict an area on land, which could include building interiors, town areas, dungeons, wilderness areas, etc. It doesn't have to be fantasy themed...modern, western, sci-fi, etc. are fine.

    Judging will be done by our usual online voting process. RPGTonight would like to offer first, second, and third place prizes. Cartographers' Guild will offer the usual first place prize of recognition via award and Challenge Winner title.

    Winners will be allowed to pick gaming related items from a long list of available prizes. First place prize winner chooses three items, the second place prize winner chooses two items, and the third place prize winner gets one. In the case of a tie at any level when polls close, a separate vote will take place in a separate thread lasting for 24 hours.

    Here's a link to the prize list

    • RPGtonight will be allowed to use winning maps in its onsite collection for use by members in their games.
    • Cartographers' Guild is not responsible for any disputes or claims by contestants arising out of or in connection with either the selection of winning entries or with prizes.

    Remember, ask any questions you want here in this thread...PLEASE follow the thread naming conventions, and be sure to read the usual challenge rules thread.

    This is a first for the guild, and we're looking forward to a LOT of entries and participation.
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