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Thread: Hi, I'm a newbie, my husband got me interested

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    Post Hi, I'm a newbie, my husband got me interested

    I'm a freelance digital painter, photo editor, health consultant, nutritionist, graphic designer and copy editor as well. A mouthful, huh?

    I do all of these rather on and off as the clients come and go, and sell my nutritionally complete meal plans full of unique recipes off my website. Every other year or so I go to an art convention and sell some art. I craft people unique hand-made gifts.

    I'm an artsy person who has a passion for health and wellbeing. (I almost died of a stomach ulcer at the age of sixteen. It kinda hooked my interest.)

    My husband and I love fantasy novels, video games, and you guessed it -- fantasy maps.

    I just finished "wallpapering" his entire workspace with fantasy maps from all his favorite settings: middle earth, midkemia, skyrim, the witcher, etc, etc, etc. And I also printed off a lot of maps from this forum and deviantart. Just in black and white, and then carefully used a mixture of glue and water to paper the walls in a practically seamless artistic fashion. The effect is dazzling. I should post some photos some time.

    Anyhow, all that map hunting triggered a deep desire to make maps. I'm already a digital painter, so making brushed and such has just come somewhat naturally.

    I've already downloaded every brush set I could get my hands on that looked hand-drawn. (Not to fond of the representative graphics that are box-like and such.)

    I especially loved some particular brush sets I found on this forum and decided to join the forum. And here I am.

    My website is thus:

    I'll post my map when I'm done to this forum. The map I'm making has no particular purpose except to be beautiful and fun. I might write a novel based on it though. I keep thinking "This could be the valley where the main character grows up..." and "This here could be a village where they travel through to get to..." and "This narrow pass through the mountains might be thought to get the only way across..." and, and, and, and!

    If anyone has found any really artisty brush sets, or if you have a map you'd like to give me permission to make brushes from (that looks hand-drawn and artsy) then please post them here. You'd make my day.

    ~ Raederle
    (Yep, my mother named me after the princess from the Riddle Master of Hed trilogy. Pronounced Ray-der-lee.)

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    Welcome to the Forums Raederle. I met a little girl whose father had named her Galadriel. Sometimes it is tough having an unusual famous name.

    Looking forward to seeing your maps.

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    Welcome to the Guild Raederli1, sounds like you've caught the bug as well. I first came here a couple of years back because I needed a map for a RPG campaign world I was building. It wasn't long after that however that I came to love map-making for its own sake. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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