My wife is a new author, with just the first book of a fantasy trilogy published, and the second in the works. Here is the FB site for the series: I selected "Paid?" because I have NO idea how much this costs, and we can't afford much, as this is a labor of love more than a money-making thing... We did pay our artist for the last book, though.

The next book requires a map of the fantasy world, but it really only needs to be the region of the book’s action: mostly coastline, some water features including arches and a cove, an island, and a few inland features like a forest, forest-city, and mountain range.

We need a simple black and white one page map, preferably with Celtic stylings. Number 9 in this portfolio looks about the style we’re looking for

Quality & Size
  • [semi professional]
  • [Required for print]
  • [Dimensions of map: 5 inches by 7 inches]
  • [Raster]

Time Constraints
We intend to publish book 2 this fall (October-ish), so about 3 months…

I would like reproduction rights to the map and to use it commercially, of course. However, the artist may retain copyright. I think this CC license fits best:

Contact Details
Please leave a private message on the Facebook page. If you avoid Facebook like the plague, just reply here and I’ll leave an email address. I’d just rather not if I can avoid it