Ok, I am very new to this. I have never drawn maps before, love reading and studying them. I have never used GIMP or any other drawing software, I am not an artist by any means. I have started a new endeavor, I am going to make an attempt to write a book, don't know if it ill work or not but i have been thinking about it for years. I have a story that keeps floating through my head, anyway I have found that for me to write this story I first need to create a world, which means a map of that world, yay!! I registered here (you guys seem to be the best from my research) I have downloaded GIMP 2.8. I read the tutorials on creating gimp brushes to make things a bit easier, however it seems as though I do not have the same brushes or pencil sets that are listed in the tutorials, for instance all the pencil options I have make big fat lines. Where do I get the pencil and brush sets?? everything I have found online appears to be unavailable or non-downloadable. I can't really get into the more advanced setups and stuff like that until I have the basics. Is there a problem with my stuff or does somebody have some good basic sets I can use for my first mapping endeavor. Thank you