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    *Adam's test piece turned out fantastic! We have been working together to concept the final go. Unless the worst happens and everything falls about (*knocking on wood furiously*) I would say this request is now officially taken.

    *I have had a few people contact me and I greatly appreciate the interest. Adam Schmidt and I have begun an idea exchange and he currently has a "test" piece in progress. I will still gladly take a look at any other examples folks want to send, but this may be [Taken] soon.

    Map maker, map maker, make me a map

    I've been a very amateur worldbuilder for a few years now. I'm getting the hang of it, but my trusty pencil and paper approach just does not stack up against the real deal of talent here in the guild. As such I would love to support a starving artist with a paid commission for a world map. And perhaps the second most enticing part after the $ is NEAR LIMITLESS ARTISTIC LIBERTY! That's right, do as ye will, I'm not very picky.

    My request is thus:
    A complete world map of 5-6 continents (I will accept 1 full map at fairly low resolution), but I would prefer each continent as it's own map. *Pay special attention to the way Aventhar separated Galinorn compared the overall world map. That's what I'm looking for*

    The scale on each individual map would be about 300 miles per inch. This is for ease of calculation if you figure 1 day of mounted travel = approx 30 miles, and my "weeks" are measured in tendays. The shape of the continents matters not. I only ask for a good spread of them - meaning not everything is clustered right at or north/south of the equator. I'd like to have the openness of varied climate zones. So think Earth with perhaps a bit more water - let's say this planet is about the same size as Earth (maybe a little larger, but not enough to drastically affect gravity) with 75-80% water.

    Style: here are several examples of my favs within the guild
    * this last one is nearly perfect! I love the forests, hills, and mountains, but I'd like a more clearly defined coastline and more fresh water rivers (maybe I big lake that a few rivers dump into, and a few smaller lakes where the water gathers before draining out to sea.) Let's say 1 or 2 big rivers - think Missouri and Mississippi - and then a few smaller branches feeding into these.

    I really like the clear, "plain" style of these.

    The following is the preferred GIMP style, but I understand it would require higher resolution. I really like the river, mountains, forests.

    I hope this clearly defines what I'm looking for in the look of the map. As I said, feel free to terraform whatever you'd like. I'll most likely be conversing with you via email, so we can exchange basic fractal shapes of the landmasses until we agree upon something.

    As for print quality; it's unlikely that I'll be printing anything. In the event that I do need to I will pay again for a simplified line version if I cannot trace one myself. I'm mostly looking to have something I can tinker with via CS4 and post on my blog. Thus, I need something maybe 8.5" by 11 or tabloid size. Vector if possible, or bitmap with high enough res that I can zoom in to areas about 500 x 500 miles without getting too fuzzy. Again look to Aventhar's "Galinorn" as a great example.

    I'm in no hurry, we can discuss project time and rate once I have a fish on the hook. FYI, I wouldn't dare try to skimp on cost because that would obviously attract lesser quality work; however, I'm a long way from being Uncle Moneybags either. So fee wise I'm thinking $25-30 for each continent (grand total not more than $150).

    I would like to retain reproduction rights to the piece(s), but I expect the artist would want to keep it for their own portfolio as well. I am perfectly okay with having the artist's signature on the map (perhaps stylized below the legend/key as if they were the cartographer from said fantasyland)
    Again, the intent is to be posted on my blog, but the odds of me ever publishing for commercial sharing is rare.

    There you have it. Have at it! I'll keep the $ standing by.

    I'm easy to please and look forward to doling out the spendulis to an eager, talented cartographer.

    I can be reached via email [my username] I check it daily.

    Looking forward to it,

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