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    Wip first attempt at a world

    This is my first attempt at mapping a world. Any tips, advice, etc...would be most welcome.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I like this! Could you tell me what program you used. I'm trying to learn as many techniques as I think my poor brain can handle and I like the results of this.

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    Not bad. I like seeing the texture of the ocean floor. Doesn't seem to handle zooming in well, but I suppose if you aren't going to add smaller labels, zooming in isn't necessary anyway. This map and world seems like it would be well suited for pirate-themed adventures. There aren't wide expanses of ocean. Instead the various continents and islands are all pretty close to each other. So lot of hopping from port to port, and with less room, lots of ships passing each other, and lots of opportunities for piracy.

    It also seems like this would have a big effect on what ships were LIKE. I mean, with land never far away, ships probably would not need to stock up as much food. And if that's the case, that leaves a lot of space and weight open to fill up with either more treasure, or more weapons. Merchant vessels might not be as vulnerable as they were historically. This might give pirates a harder time of it, actually, leading to a piratical arms-race of sorts.

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    It did kinda end up with that feel. I wasn't going for anything specific, was learning the mapping style, and seeing how things worked.

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