Hey Guys,

Many of you folks know me as a cartographer here on the Guild (esp. for my Pathfinder monthly maps, as well as wizards, etc.). Though i work primarily as a map artist in the industry, i also do conceptual art and illustration. I've started a Kickstarter project to get a 40 page b/w conceptual character art book of my work. The plan is so i can self publish and bring it to Gencon and sell as a sister book to my epic cartography book i put out last year. The project has been successful so far, though i'm always looking for more pledges. Here are some examples of the pages within:

I have a hell of alot of rewards for the Pledes,ffrom signed prints to character design with me one on one

Please check out my project at:

Thanks so much!
~Jared Blando
609 713 1914