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    Wip The Making of Rorthgar

    Verin Brodsson Human Jack Of All Trades Expedition Leader
    Colt Swiftdragon Human Blacksmith
    Averick Sin Human Hunter
    Urist Lokumsodelzutash Dwarf Miner MasterDwarf
    Ker Ironfighter Dwarf Miner Lumberjack
    Sariho Bloodsmelter Dwarf Miner
    Hofer Datan Dwarf Mason
    Rih Lodecutter Dwarf Miner Blacksmith
    [open spot, Dwarf]
    Daemond Ymiria Human Alchemist Gatherer
    Trace Furycast Human Tracker Assistant Alchemist
    Ramek Dunewalker Human Mason
    Blanche Wardsson Human Carpenter Lumberjack
    Sheol Blanchesson Human Lumberjack
    [open spot, Human]

    The smell of damp, putrid Men and other Races alike penetrates your nose as you walk through the Flying Horses (Tavern) door, eager to sign up for the latest Expedition to the New Land, Irnar, as they call it. Finding the Commissioner in the back, a small short man with a hooked nose and dark eyes bending over a paper with group a of names on it. You tap on his table, getting his attention, "So then? What does this lad want now?" He says, and so you explain what you want and he hands you a large sheet of paper, telling you to fill it out then hand it back to him.
    And so, you look down at the piece of paper and begin filling it out enthusiastically.
    After you hand him your sheet he quickly writes your name down and tells you to book a room for the night.

    A quiet night passes, with you barely able to sleep, due to you fear and excitement.
    You are shaken awake near dawn. You manage to haul yourself aboard the ship along with 13 other people and set sail.
    After a long hard month of travel you arrive in Uthar Năr, the first landing of Sentient beings on Inar... Who of which were the Darkar Pirate Dwarves. Odd how even some of the deepest dwelling beings take to the Ocean eventually, and luckily their stone ships of a far greater design than that meager wooden one you were on, and so thus is the name of the continent and most of the nearby colonies.
    After gathering and buying more supplies you are about to head out with 13 other people, ready to make a mark in the world and change History. But first you are handed a map and asked where do you think is a good location to settle.

    Current log (The following posts are by players, exluding Verin.):
    The group is currently in a Tavern, in Uthar.

    After a long time of not speaking for days and days, Averick finally speaks.
    "So... I'm a bit thirsty, anyone need a drink? It's on me." He motions a small bag of coins onto the table

    "No thank ye, I can brew us up a drink of mine I took with me from the 'ountainhomes."
    "Anyway, where in this new 'and are we gonna settle?" Urist asks as rummages in his pack.
    "Ahh, here's me map." He places it on the table.

    "I'll take a drink, thank you very much."
    Daemond looks at the map carefully trying to savor all of it
    He then says:" How about in the middle of that river near Eroneth? Surely that would be a good spot! Great for trading I suppose, and access to a river"
    Averick tosses a few coins towards him and somewhat has gone back into submission to quietness.

    A tall, broad man walks over near Dagger and says "No, too close to something becoming a town. Soon enough they'll send out scouts for village locations, better to not be in any conflict. This may be a free land so far, but there are still large powers at work." The man named Verin sits next to Urist and orders a mug of brandy. You soon recognize him as your Mayor, Captain, or leader, one or the other, he was on the boat with you and the others.
    "We could head north-east of Eroneth, to that river that splits. It'd be a fertile area. The o'ly problem would be the damned 'quifers, aye." Urist mumbles.
    Urist sips from his waterskin as he contemplates supplies and the such needed.
    "Hmm maybe but, you see that river where Uthar settled by? What if we use that but we go further inland. Like that small valley inbetween those mountains. It'd be a great defensive spot, plus we have trading and fresh water sources!" Daemond says "Plus theres alot of minerals that could jump start the town's economy. But, yes aquifers are a problem, except I don't think their in mountains"

    "I agree, the valley is a great idea, what with the larger valley above us we could earn some money through trade. Or, we could go to some of the mainly untouched corners, like the so Lonely Mountain up there in the corner." Verin says, leaning forward, inspecting the map curiously.

    "Basing into a valley is a bad idea... If we were to be attacked by hostiles, they could easily siege us if they get on top of the mountain. Why don't we settle into a mountain, it would give us many covers." He mumbles whilst tossing coins towards Colt.

    Everyone in the group looks at him quizzically, wondering why on earth someone would climb a mountain, lose many men and then shoot arrows from a place that would never meet the enemy.

    "Well, I could always get a few of me fellow dwarves here and we could make a fortress. The only problem is that ye people feel the need
    to frolic in the sun every few hours. Perhaps we could make some sky windows, but we'll need gem, or sand." Urist
    pulls out a pipe and some leaf, and lights up. "Perhaps we should hire some people?"

    "I'm sure there will be plenty of sand in the valley, so don't worry about it."
    He then looks at Averick, the person buying the free drinks "How would that actually work? I honestly don't think enemies will waste their time sending like what? Hundreds of soldiers up on a place with little to no oxygen so they can rain arrows upon us that will just hit the ground, or better yet hit their own people"

    "I agree, i'm inclined toward the western foothills of the valley, or the end of the foothills near the North - Eastern. Otherwise we'd have to make a quarry for minerals, and those damned things are ugly and destroy the surroundings."
    After speaking he yells at a few more of the group to get over here and put something in the discussion, in an after thought he says "Oh, and spend some money here. We won't be using money for a while there." Verin says.

    The group splits up to head out and spend their meager money on anything that could be useful... Or, anything that gives them pleasure. It will be a hard few years.

    When everyone comes back they come to the relative conclusion that the Valley is the best place to settle, with relative flatland and a rocky ridge in the area.
    "Master Dwarf," Verin says to Urist, "Can you go over the supplies? We need the essentials."
    He hands him the list.
    250 units of food, in various types,
    5 bags of 50 seeds each, of 5 different types of plant,
    2 spears, for hunting and protection,
    2 shields, for protection,
    extra clothes,
    10 bars of steel,
    5 barrels of Whiskey
    6 Iron Picks
    2 Fishing poles
    6 Axes
    Carpentry and Mason tools.

    "Hmmm... This looks fair enough, could do with a bit more food, perhaps the blacksmithing tools,
    and we could replace the spears with quarterstaves 'cause we have steel, so we can tip both with a single ingot."
    Urist puffs on his pipe. "Hmm... and we need some farming tools as well, wouldn't do to bring the seeds without..."
    "Just in case, bring 3 stacks of highwood logs along as well. I think that about sorts things out..."

    Verin nods, taking the list back and tucking it away. And so, at that note they all went to sleep, accompanied by many a harlet and vials of narcotics.
    The next day they all awake at daybreak and get ready for the long trek ahead of them. With the 4 wagons carrying most of the supplies whilst the rest of them are carried on the colonists back.

    After another week of traveling they finally arrive in the location, set up some tents and get ready for the long working days ahead.

    The days after settling there and getting up the tents were long and monotonous, only breaking when a myserious figure was spotted in the shade of the Eastern Forest on the noon of the ninth day. When someone got within a few meters of it, it almost simply vanished into nothingness, or it was too fast to see.

    It's been two months since that incident and now everything is in a rush, preparing for winter. Everyone has forgotten about the mysterious lanky figure.
    In that time a few houses were built and people have started to live semi comfortable in the log houses by the river, whilst the dwarves have mined themselves a little comfortable lodging inside the foothills not to far from the river. They should be relatively untouched by the wrath of winter if the Master Dwarf Urist manages them correctly.
    The Leader of the Colony, Verin Brodsson, issued one of the Human colonists to go to Uthar and get some supplies, hopefully he can make it back before someone starves to death in the oncoming Winter, he has also issued a small scouting party up towards the river a bit more, mainly unexplored territory by the Colonists here and all the people in Irnar. The people present in this Party are Urist, Colt Swiftdragon, Averick Sin, and Daemond Ymiria. They are just about to set out on the hours journey there and back again.

    The scouting group comes back a success, finding a new variety of edible plant that is abundant in the area.

    In the two months before the above events, the dwarves had accomplished much. They had carved out a bit of a living area and evacuation point. They had fell about 30 trees for the camp. The dwarves carved out a workshop or 4, and helped with the seeding of the farms. The smith was erected, and so was a carpenter's and mason's shop. That is all, and the dwarves and humans toast their work with a bit of whiskey at the table. (I shall make a map of the inside of this soon enough.)

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