Hi All!

My name is Eric McClure (Saint Mac). Though I've lived in several states, I currently live in Iowa (third corn stock on the left). I'm lucky enough to be married with two children.

Being someone who actually remembers when D&D actualy came out, I've always been creating hand drawn maps. Having played with several different software 'aids', I have recently started re-creating old graph-paper maps using Adobe Photoshop. Although lacking in talent I still love seeing those rumpled bits of paper turn into something I can be proud of.

In addition to my "map making" hobby, I have created game mods, written short stories, and played roll playing games (Pathfinder/D&D). Lately I've added podcasting (The Bloodied Bard) where I try to give that positive push for people to creat their own worlds, characters, and stories in a fantasy setting.

Look forward to getting to know eveyone. Please feel free to say "Hi" and look forward to hearing your opinions and suggestions on my little creations.

Have an awesome day !
St. Mac

Podcast on iTunes or RSS -> www.thebloodiedbard.wordpress.com
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