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    Default Adventure author learns cartography

    Hello everyone!

    I'm brand spankin' new here. Although I am no stranger to role-playing games, maps, or even writing adventures professionally... I'm still green when it comes to cartography as a craft. I am here to learn some new tricks and hope my friend Jonathan Roberts (torstan) has some free time to give me a couple pointers from time to time.

    I would like to also meet other cartographers who are interested in getting their work out and about in the RPG community. Todd Gamble and I founded and launched our site earlier this year. We push out an amazing adventure every week. There are loads of opportunities for those looking to have their work published.

    Now that I'm done with my own self promotion, seriously. I'm here to learn. I love David C Sutherland III maps, especially some of the stuff he did for Dragonlance and Castle Ravenloft. I would like to find my own style and will surely take the traditional fantasy route when constructing maps... but I love to dream and twist things around... get creative... make something new that perhaps has never been done before.

    Hopefully I will meet some of you soon!
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