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Thread: *** May Challenge Prize List - Sponsored by RPGTonight

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    Info *** May Challenge Prize List - Sponsored by RPGTonight

    Here's the prize list for the May Mapping Challenge.

    Note: None of the companies listed below is sponsoring our contests, is donating books, or is connected in any way with, or its owners. We are just listing them to identify the publishers of the prizes we are offering.

    In a few cases the print items listed below are also available in PDF format. See the company's website. If you prefer PDF, please specify.

    RPG and Mapmaking Books:

    Wizards of the Coast
    NOTE: The following items are not yet in print. They are scheduled for publication in June, but delays are always possible.
    • 4th Edition Core Rulebook Gift Set (Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook, Monster Manual) (counts as TWO prize picks)
    • 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide (separate)
    • 4th Edition Player's Handbook (separate)
    • 4th Edition Monster Manual (separate)

    Kenzer and Company
    • Aces and Eights - the Shattered Frontier
    • Aces and Eights - Player's Guidebook plus 1 set of vintage western playing cards, often used to determine random outcomes in the game (counts as one item)

    • Call of Cthulhu d20 Edition
    • Call of Cthulhu 6th Ed. Softcover (classic C of C)
    • 1920s Investigator's Companion
    • H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham

    RPG Realms
    • d20 Traveller

    Steve Jackson Games
    • GURPS Basic Set Hardback Third Edition, Revised, plus GURPS Fantasy
    • GURPs Traveller 2nd Edition plus any set of deck plans (counts as one item)

    Cartography Books
    • Mapping the World, an Illustrated History of Cartography (Ralph Ehrenberg), plus The Map book (Peter Barber); Two count as one item.
    • Elements of Cartography (Robinson et al.) This one counts as two items.

    Electronic RPG gaming resources:

    • Mappings software package (Mac or PC)
    • Any four supplemental packs: Art, Token, or Adventure (four count as one item)

    Profantasy Software
    • World Builder Bundle (counts as 3 items) - Campaign Cartographer 3, Fractal Terrains Pro, City Designer Pro, Dungeon Designer 3.
    • The Source Maps Bundle (counts as 2 itmes) - Castles, Temples, Tombs & Catacombs, Cities

    Four Ugly Monsters
    • High Res Token Pack Bundle (12 packs of tokens (top view minis))
    • Low Res Token Pack Bundle (12 packs of tokens (top view minis)) I guess this is for people with dialup.

    Paper Gaming Magazine subscriptions:
    • Knights of the Dinner Table (KODT). 1 yr subscription, 12 issues, paper only from Kenzer @ Co. The popular KODT comic strips plus numerous RPG related articles.
    • Kobold Quarterly. 2 yr subscription, 8 issues, Paper and PDF, from Open Design. General RPG gaming magazine.
    • Pathfinder. 1 yr subscription, 12 issues from Paizo. Adventure paths only. Successor to the old multi-month adventure paths that used to appear in Dungeon magazine, done by the same staff.

    RPGtonight reserves the right to discontinue offering a particular product if it goes out of print/disappears from the supply channels, etc. by the time that the contest ends. In that event we will seek an alternate of approximately the same value in roughly the same topic area.
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    I agree. Great prize list. Better get mapping.

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