Hey all,

I'm Ben

I'm not actually sure whether these forums are the right place for my queries, as this seems to be mainly fantasy maps. Fantastic as they are, I really need help with the construction of a historical map. Or, better, 3 historical maps, of Constantinople during different time periods. These time periods are still to be decided.

The reason for making this map, is a pretty cool extra curricular activity we have in the UK called an "Extended project". Basically, I get from now until December to do ANYTHING I want, and get it marked. The idea is to choose a project that helps you develop new skills; I'm a rubbish artist, a novice cartographer, and don't do history at school, so this fits the bill. The time frame is from now until late December.

I haven't fully decided on a final plan yet. At the end of my project, I aim to have completed three maps, of Constantinople at the separation of Rome into the Eastern and Western empires, at the fall of the Western empire, and at the fall of the Eastern empire. Both the city and time frames are subject to change, so any recommendations on both cities and time frames are very welcome.

This is just a brief introduction, and why I'm here. I hope to elaborate further shortly, when I've finally decided the Time frame and City,

Thanks )