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Thread: Medieval fantasy world map needed.(attached example map)

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    Map Medieval fantasy world map needed.(attached example map)

    i have been preparing for a large scale D&D campaign with some friends and dug out an old map i drew for it (attached below) i would appreciate it if someone could create a new version of it.
    i'd like it to have the appearance of an old parchment with more proportionate details . the small pointy hills on my map are in fact large mountains however in my original drawing my bridges and roads are far to big in comparison. the whole map needs polishing off and details such as hills and rivers need to be scattered over the map more realistically.

    i am not to picky about what would be added if you feel the map would look better with additional mountain range somewhere to break up detail so long as what is already there isn't removed.
    the map is meant to be quite a large scale showing land controlled by many different countrys.

    Time constraints:
    no particular time limit i still need time to prepare my D&D campaign and so wont be needing it till we are ready to run a game

    this will have to be discussed with the individual artist i would like something similar to the maps found in D&D books
    here is an example but from a much smaller scale map:

    probably somewhere close to 1920X1080 it doesn't have to be exactly that ( its an estimate) but id like enough details so that when you zoom in using our virtual table it wont blur

    i have Skype, Steam and email for communication. if you want any more information please ask.
    feel free to email me : JamesBlackwing -at-

    there are additional maps that we may want done in the future the match the same style.
    depending on when i need those and how much my players want to explore outside the world map i may request more work from you
    depending on the quality of work future maps may be payed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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