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Thread: How do I get a "River Flow" map in Wilbur?

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    Help How do I get a "River Flow" map in Wilbur?

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently working on a commission and, after re-reading through A2area's wonderful Israh tutorial, learned that you can export a "River Flow" map from Wilbur that outlines only the rivers of a height map. This would be a very useful feature for me, only I can't seem to get it to work. The map I am currently working on is too large to upload so instead I've uploaded an example of a height map from a previous map, the settings I'm using (a la A2area's directions), and the baffling result. As you can see, the result isn't isolated neat little rivers but rather some rivers in the sea, and then a bunch of tiny white lines all over the land mass. What am I doing wrong here? Please help.

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Name:	Vranos River Flow.png 
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    Those are your rivers. They're short because the height map is a lot of little pits all over the place.

    Filter>>Fill>>Fill Basins should fill all of those little pits and let you get your rivers longer as shown in attachment 1.

    If you offset the sea areas below water level before doing the flow finding operation then you'll get the rivers just on land. In the case of the map you showed, the canyons are also below sea level, which will shorten the rivers a bit. If you select everything above sea level using Select>>From Terrain>>Height Range you'll have the canyons in the water, but Select>>Modify>>Expand:1 followed by Select>>Modify>>Contract:1 will fill in single pixel-wide things like the canyons. Attachment 2 shows these results.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	river.png 
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Name:	river2.png 
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    One of these years I might get around to doing river width and antialiasing, but I'm a little swamped with other things at the moment.

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    Thanks for the help Waldronate, when I get home tonight I'm going to play around with it again using your directions.


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