Hey there! I decided to take the advice of some of you lovely members and install GIMP onto my computer in order to start making maps. However, I've run into a problem. Every time that I attempt to install GIMP with the gimp-2.8-installer program that I downloaded from the links on the GIMP website, It prompts me to run the installer, and then just closes and dissipates after I press run. I'm a bit flummoxed, and I'm usually very tech-savvy. I've checked in the Task Manager and gimp is on several of the processes. It adds a new GIMP process to the list every time I try to install it, so I'm assuming it's doing something in the background...somehow. lol

My question is this: Is there normal for GIMP? And if not, what should I do to fix this problem. Thanks!

Also worth noting: My OS is Windows 7