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Finally, after a year of 11 adverture module and supplemental releases for the Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story (PFRPG), we are now collecting patronage funds to produce 1 to 3 books for the Kaidan Campaign Setting of Japanese horror through Kickstarter.

Complete Kaidan GM's Handbook (150 - 200 pages) as a printed book with full color cover and B/W interior. This will be a top-down view of the Kaidan campaign setting from a GM's point of view. Everything from the government, economics, religion and magic, with other aspects like curses, drugs, haunts, hazards, special terrains. Also a full gazetteer cover all the 3 main islands of Kaidan, it's 17 provinces and ruling Daimyo.

Complete Kaidan Player's Guide (150 page) printed book with full color cover and B/W interior. This book will be written from a player's point of view; a bottom-up design. This guide will include all appropriate player options: new races, archetypes, alternate classes, traits, feats, spells and equipment. Another goal is create a framework of half-truths and lies, so that players can still get frightened when learning the real truth about Kaidan. A look a daily life, and descriptions of sites and archetecture of a Japan-based world.

Kaidan Bestiary (no idea how big, depends on budget acquired) printed book with full color cover and B/W interior. We will gather all the various monster entries and templates from existing supplements, plus we want to include dozens more. Each entry will include 3 pages of content including a stat block, as well as original pencil illustration by Mark Hyzer.

You can become a patron for as little as $1 or as much as a $1000 - with perks for joining.

If we only collect enough funds to create a GM's Handbook then that is all we'll release. Hopefully we collect enough for everything, however.

You can expect lots of maps for both the GM's Handbook as well as the Player's Guide - from regional and city maps to encounter scale maps for specific interesting locations in Kaidan.

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