I was busy working on labels for my city map of Kwourin. Without thinking I labelled a cluster of buildings "The Pathmages' Compound". Then it hit me that part of what makes this project such fun is investigating how our visions are relating to each other. I've taken a concept that Mid came up with and subconsciously sought a place for it in my map.

So as a word of cautious advice, may I suggest we endeavour to think about things in this spirit when doing our maps. I think that even if at the end of the day someone has a well-realised and artistically sound region with a good backstory, half of the fun and purpose of the project will be lost if its a standalone product. A good idea before mapping or labelling a map, is to read through the wiki entries briefly. There are so many ideas there that are crying out to be taken up. I just read Venardhi's page on the ancient kingdom that once attempted to dominate Ansium and it made me want to go and put some more labels on my map.

Keep up the fantastic work you cartographical crazies.