Hello there! Now this, this is what I'm talking about. I love world-building. Absolutely adore the entire concept. As my map-making skills have yet to be tapped into at all (they frankly suck at the moment), I was wondering if you would be in the need of writers for creating races, people, stories, creatures, plants, history, deities, culture, magic, etc.

If you do find that there would be a place where this particular talent of mine could be utilized, that would be great! I could get started right away, and I could even set up templates of guidelines for other writers to follow. Here's an example of a creature template that I just wrote off of the top of my head:

Name: Feel free to add both common names and scientific names. Maybe even some folky names. For instance, the Fairswath Bird could have a nickname of Whisperwind because of it's incredible speed and/or its ability to camouflage its feathers to remain undetected.

Classification: First, is it a Flying creature? An Aquatic Creature? A Land creature? Second, what type of said creature is it? A bird? A Dragon? A fish? A shark? A monster perhaps? We could go pretty in-depth with this.

Overview:Perhaps a brief paragraph about the creature for those only wanting a cursory glance?

Appearance: What does it look like? Be incredibly creative and descriptive.

Temperament: How do they react to each other? How are they socially? Are they lone and isolated, or do they like to form large groups? How are they with other species? Are they aggressive and territorial, or are they passive and docile?

Habitat/Location: Where do they reside in this world of ours, and in what type of climate do they fair best? What nests/burrows do they make for shelter? Do they live close to water?

Reproduction Method/Mating: How do they reproduce and give birth? Are they asexual? Do they mate for life? Do they lay eggs or undergo live birth? Do they reproduce by budding (breaking off parts of themselves that will grow into an identical version)? Do a significant number of these creatures have a tendency to form same-sex matings? Endless possibilities here.

Diet/Predators: What do they eat and what eats them? This is great for cross-referencing.

Myth/Lore: What spooky tales or light-hearted limericks are told about these fantastic beasts?

Miscellaneous: Anything that isn't covered elsewhere can go here. Perhaps the creature is magic? Perhaps it has special abilities that make it incredibly unique, such as generating electricity, abnormal flight, telepathy, above average intelligence, shape-shifting, etc. You can really go crazy in this section.
I can create several templates of this nature, and they can be modified to satisfaction as well. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to help in some way.

I'm open to commissions wanting me to create a creature (or other archetype listed above) that does such-and-such for *blank* area. Requests can be as detailed or vague as you'd like (though I like the ones that give me wiggle room ) I can also simply create things purely from my imagination and let you guys pick and choose which ones you'd like for your areas. This would of course be first-come-first-serve per what type of climate these creatures can live in. Then, they can be picked to live in areas with a similar climate.

I can also write entries for places. I can make a template for this as well. These would be full and detailed descriptions of anything ranging from woodland forests, to gothic cities, to languid lakes, to entire regions. I'm completely open to anything and everything.

Eventually I'd like to claim an area of my own to place some of my babies in, but I think I'll hold off until my map-making skills have improved considerably.

Well there you have it. Yes? No? Possibly? I like some but not the rest? Lemme know! Thanks!