I'm a gamer, first and foremost. I'm not much of an artist. But I appreciate well-done art and I try not to insult people by acting like I know what I'm doing when I clearly dont.

But I decided that I am going to try something new.

So, I've always loved one thing in fantasy gaming. The Maps. From the tactical top-down dungeon dive, to the overland-spanning hundreds of miles, to the hand-drawn pamphlets that immerse you into the game even more. I love them even more when they are printed, tactile things - to hand out to my players, or to watch them crowd over. There's just a sense of realism that it helps to bring to the table.

You guys are the first, foremost, most recognized, most acclaimed, and (from my past two hours of looking around) most friendly and responsive group of artists I can find. So, I look foreward to coming back on here, posting a few of the Over-lands that I've played with in CC3 (And to those of you who say there is no learning curve - boy am I jealous!), or Dunjinni, and getting your tips as much as I can.

Though, as this is coming from a gamer's perspective who is going to want to be able to put this on paper, or otherwise 'get it to my players' (from my website, or from running up to Target Copy and printing and putting it on the table) - I'm certain I can find what I need here.

Thanks, and I look forward to giving this mapping thing a try!