Here is my take on clouds. 'Space Clouds' aka Nebula.

Source Image: Bow Tie Nebula (NGC 40)
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Here's what I've got working with the above image for a little while.

### Latest WIP ###

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Anyway, here's a very little bit of back-story;
- The New Galilean Commonwealth has 40 member states located throughout the Caldwell Isles.
- The Caldwell Isles are located within the Cepheus Ocean at about 32 degrees south of the equator on the planet Galilea.
- The map is set in the year 1788 OC (Old Commonwealth)
- The Founder of the Old Commonwealth was W.F. Herschel, otherwise famous for inventing the 'Galilean Bow Tie', a cocktail popular amongst the elite within Galilean society.
- Around the rim of the Copernican Crater are 12 observatories, each maintained by one of 12 astronomical schools.

Well, that's what I have for now. Hopefully I'll have some more updates in the next couple of days. For both the map and the back-story, as I equally enjoy creating both.