Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been making use of several of the tutorials and resources on this forum for quite some time (mainly with regard to a different map than the one I'm posting here, but that one is half-finished and needs a lot of attention before I feel it can be shown publicly), but now I'm trying to create a more or less 'fantasy-realistic' world, and this time I want plausibility.

The world is tentatively called Nauāt or Dhokṣāt (the grammar/dictionary of the naming language is still confined to a single Word page, and I have yet to figure out the exact difference in meaning between the two possible names), and for ease of populating it with humans it is basically Earth as far as size, gravity, atmospheric pressure and oxygen content, etc. are concerned, but with different continents.

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The coastline is basically most 'rigid', in the sense that I'd prefer not to make any major changes to them unless I have to, around the continents 'Northania' and 'Southaria' (as I said, the naming language is far from complete). Coastlines I do intend to mess about with are those of the lesser islands of 'South Eastilia' and the strip of land stretching across the North Pole; the former I find too random and the latter looks much too weird when I run it through G.Projector.

Basically my question is whether this looks plausible, and specifically whether the roughly placed mountains seem to make sense. Also, I don't know if the enormous lakes, particularly in Southaria, are out of place or pushing disbelief too far; I kind of like them, though, and will keep at least some of them.