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Thread: So, I decided to stop lurking--hiya guys!

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    Default So, I decided to stop lurking--hiya guys!

    You may call me Moose. A little about myself:

    I'm an aspiring fantasy author. My first novel (which I INTEND to have done by November of 2013) will be the pilot in a series of steam-punk fantasy novels. I'm also a beginner archer. I intend to, at one point, do standard fantasy, so I figured archery would be a decent skill to have (being able to more efficiently write archery scenes and what-not).

    I've made a few maps using CC3 and GIMP, but I'm always my own toughest critic, so I've never posted any, and will probably wait until I have a map done for my first novel (which will also require me to have gotten a copyright on the novel, due to my paranoia). In the meantime, I intend to continue poking around and, now that I'm no longer just lurking, attempt to contribute to some discussions.

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