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    Wip Goblin Warren

    Hi guys,

    What do you think of my Goblin Warren I created a while ago? I never completely finished it, never felt like it. But it is a nice piece of work so far (in my opinion). What do you think of it? Any comments/tips/etc.?
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    Its really good. Do you realize its the perfect starting point for this months challenge (with prizes). Why not color it a bit and get it to the right size as a raster image and submit it ?

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    Yep, very nice so far. Probs more right angles than yer average Goblin is capable of, unless they stole the warren from Gnome geometers.

    You should shade the stone (non-passage) areas.

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    This is great, my heroes unexpectedly decided to track a goblin band to their home so I was scrambling around looking for a good map in case they decide to launch a raid.

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