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Thread: Fantasy region map... please?

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    Default Fantasy region map... please?

    Description: Cartographer's Guild, I am in dire need of your assistance! I am in the process of writing a fantasy novel, and plan to use the same region map for a slew of novels. Problem is, I stink horribly at making maps. This is why I am here, looking for a cartographer to help me out. I have a base fractal kind of map with city and town names, but that's just to have a location in my head at the moment.
    Here's the map. The red is higher elevation, the green lower, etc. I don't have anything but this really at the moment, and my world building is still in early stages, so do what you like with it. I just really like the town locations and names, and the overall shape of the map. Otherwise, have a go however you like.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	World Map0.bmp 
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    Style: I'm open to most styles, but something that would look nice on the pages of a book would be best. I'm rather fond of Paolini's map in Eragon, but again, style is up for complete negotiation.

    Time: I have plenty of time. Please, if you take this up, make it at your leisure. I would hate to rush, and it is unpaid, so... Speaking of that,

    Payment: You see, I'm a young, brand new, author-to-be. Unfortunately, I lack the means with which to pay for a map of this sort. But, if it comes to the point of publication, I would be willing to discuss payment at that point in time if you wish.

    Copyright: I would need reproduction rights for use in publication, but the copyright can very well remain with the cartographer. I would make sure and cite you.(So, preferably, I would have rights to reproduce the map for commercial use and the cartographer would have rights to exhibit the image but not exploit it for commercial gain.)

    Contact Info: Please, do contact me at

    Extra Note: I am glad to accept any cartographer on here, especially less known ones. (Possibly have at least one previous work for me to view?)

    Thank you very, very much in advance.
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    I started playing around with this today as a way to practice isometric drawing, and attached is what I have so far. My ultimate goal is to end up with something like this ( though less detailed. If that works for you, tell me and I'll continue. Also, I noticed you don't have any rivers on here - does this reflect a lack of rivers in the land, or did you simply not draw any? As far as previous map making work that I've done, there's this:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    This request has been taken.

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