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  • City State of Etheria - Lostatsea

    5 11.63%
  • Deep Ruins - Chashio

    10 23.26%
  • Chyogamsidyo Harbor - jbgibson

    4 9.30%
  • The Hazy Sands - Fury

    1 2.33%
  • The Kingdom of Balrathia - LonewandererD

    14 32.56%
  • The bridge of tears - Bogie

    3 6.98%
  • The New Galilean Commwealth - Thurlor

    7 16.28%
  • Shrouded Valley - Pryme8

    1 2.33%
  • The shattered Realms of Altostratus - Schwarzkreuz

    3 6.98%
  • The Cavern of the Trobbe King, Koretar - eViLe_eAgLe

    6 13.95%
  • The Isle of Aedenis - vorropohaiah

    16 37.21%
  • Camulus - Seraphine_Harmonium,

    20 46.51%
  • U - Lukc

    1 2.33%
  • Clouds Rest - shepherd

    21 48.84%
  • Skyfall - Elothan

    1 2.33%
  • <North Nimbus Sea> - daemaree

    4 9.30%
  • Stratocum - waldronate

    2 4.65%
  • Floating City of Ciren - leen

    0 0%
  • Nubesterram - Nathan Saylor

    0 0%
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Thread: *** July Challenge Voting: Clouds ***

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    Default *** July Challenge Voting: Clouds ***

    ***VOTE FOR 3 ENTRIES ***

    It looks like the awful weather this summer has kept people indoors; there was a huge number of participants in this months challenge - 19 entries!

    For those of you who don't know the drill by now:

    • Look at the thumbnails here:
    • Decide which entries you like the best and vote for 3 of them by checking the box in the attached poll.
    • Please give rep freely to reward those who have taken part.
    • Voting will end on the closing date and time shown on the poll.

    Good Luck everyone!

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    Guild Journeyer Thurlor's Avatar
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    Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia


    Yay, first to vote.

    It was so hard to pick only three as there were so many good entries.

    City State of Etheria - Lostatsea
    I absolutely love the city, farmlands and cliffs. Also, the water has a pleasing colour.

    Camulus - Seraphine_Harmonium
    I like everything in this map. I quite like the stylized/simplified coastlines and the flags, as well as the font and the mountains.

    <North Nimbus Sea> - daemaree
    Simple but effective. Quite like the touch of the photos.

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    Guild Expert Facebook Connected vorropohaiah's Avatar
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    so many great choices I found voting really difficult. still need to give out rep, though my main vote went to Camulus - so much though seems to have gone behind this, a simple challenge map, great stuff.

    my other votes went to Chyogamsidyo Harbor which, despite the american spelling :p i found to be really striking and benefitted from its simplicity. the third vote went to The New Galilean Commwealth; I love the 3D effect in this, though am intrigued by that crater in the middle of the map - should we call the river police? :p who cares, it looks great.

    i really enjoyed working on my entry (yay, someone voted for me!) and look forward to next months entry
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    Professional Artist Sapiento's Avatar
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    This time even three votes seem too few.

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    Guild Journeyer Thurlor's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia


    @ vorropohaiah

    Thanks for the vote.

    The giant crater is the caldera of an extinct super-volcano. In fact the whole island is the remains of the volcano.

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    Guild Artisan LonewandererD's Avatar
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    19 people, where did all these people come from? Too many good maps this month to only use three votes.

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    Guild Expert Chashio's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Maine, USA


    Truly fabulous maps this month, and so many of them. Voting may prove too stressful.

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    Guild Artisan lostatsea's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Ohio USA


    Seems like voting gets harder every month !! Geesh !!
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    ARGH!! but the damn compass be broken!! "

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    Guild Adept Seraphine_Harmonium's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Poughkeepsie, NY USA


    Voting is HARD this month!

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    Community Leader Guild Sponsor arsheesh's Avatar
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    Oct 2009


    Lot's of deserving entries here.

    How I cast my Vote:

    1. Cloud's Rest - Shepherd: I liked the concept, the line-work and the overall composition of this piece quite a bit.
    2. Deep Ruins - Chashio: for originality as well as style.
    3. The Isle of Aedenis - vorropohaiah: it was simple yet elegant.

    Honorable Mention:

    4. The Kingdom of Balthraia - LonewandererD
    5. Camulus - Seraphine_Harmonium
    6. The Shattered Realms of Altostratus - Schwarzchruez (had this piece been finished it would have made my top three)

    Great job everyone.


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