Hello folks,

I've been a long time lurker on these forums; many of you folks do great work that aids me in my tabletop gaming.

I have recently discovered a virtual tabletop website that looks really promising, and will allow me to game online with a number of my old friends. (The site is roll20.net.) The site allows you to take maps and directly copy them into the program to use them in the system.

I have an older D&D module called "Eyes of the Lich Queen" for the Eberron setting in D&D 3.5E. I have the original hardcopy, and the PDF. I wanted to copy the maps into the system, but in the book, they're printed in such a matter that they are tilted by about 10-15 degrees. This makes copying them problematic, as it makes a vertical box around the whole thing, catching a lot of excess edging.

What would you folks do? I would really like to use these maps as they are, but I have no mapping experience, and I'm not prepared to dump a lot of money into a mapping program. Are there any alternatives? Has anyone done these maps already? I tried looking, but I wasn't able to find them anywhere.