Okay, so I am in desperate need of a map with this style -----> Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	47150 (C) to original owner, however! I would like it more zoomed in than that. What I mean by this is not size but that is shows more landmarks rather than just the land itself { ie. Showing a wrecked ship and some large boulders and a pier }. I would love for the map to go AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to this layout but more zoomed in { this time I am reffering to the size. I know, complicated } -----> Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	47151 (C) to meh! Now I should probably explain the layout so you understand a little better yes? Okay. The 't' shaped object in the bottom right corner is a pier, the long jagged line that stretches out to sea is a jetty {next to the pier}. The half circle attached to the jetty is VERY IMPORTANT. It is a hill ( with sand not grass ) that cuts short. So instead of being able to go downhill on the other side of the circle there is a cliff that drops off into the ocean. ( To express the cliff I have made what looks like a jetty surrounding the half circle if you can see it.) Now. The contents of the half circle. There is a bunch of irregular circles with shaded spots on each one. Those are boulders with hollowed out insides. ( So basically, mini caves ) The shaded spots are indeed, the entrances. The AMT of boulders and their positioning is VERY IMPORTANT. Now the boulder at the top-center of the half circle has a dead tree next to it. Also VERY IMPORTANT. Hmm lets see. Oh yes! The sand. The space between the left corner ( which I will explain in a min. ) and the half circle is almost just like a regular beach. Simply sand. Now the thing in the middle of the ocean, is a wrecked ship. ( I hope that was obvious, because I drew this : p ) Please do not put the wrecked ship further out in the sea. If anything, place it closer to land, even if it is halfway in the sand and halfway in the water it would be better than further out in the ocean.NEXT- The left corner is complicated. So there is a path from the beach going uphill to a forest. The spikey things on the side of the hill and surrounding the forest are more rocky cliffs. The forest is kinda dark, erie, dead, and kinda foggy. It would be REALLY cool if you could put fog surrounding dead burned trees, but thats just an extra. Now If you are uncertain about ANYTHING pleaseee pleassee consult me so I can help futher your understanding. IF you need to make ANY adjustments pleasee pleasssse consult me. And there is no need to lable anything, I am fine with just the map. Now I know what you're thinking. This person is asking for ALOT of stuff and seems very picky and she isn't even offering any money for it, not to mention the fact she obssesively CAPS things wayy to much. Well urr... that is true, but I can offer you my graditude and put in a good word to anyone for you. I am not really sure how things work around here as far as that goes but I really really want this map and if anyone would be kind enough to help me I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much!