Is anyone interested in collaborating a lot of the information we have here into a tutorial on how to create maps full stop - You know a one stop shop document that people can read, especially budding new cartographers, that covers everything people need to know in theory before they start putting pen to paper, or hand to mouse.

I'm not talking how to draw by hand or paint on the computer... I'm talking all the theory involved... Such as tectonic plate movement, geology, geography, weather patterns, erosion, climate, topography, river paths, coastlines, diplomacy, national and regional borders etc.

I am sure there is a mine of information lost amongst all these forum posts and every single one of us could benefit from taking into account something in our own maps that we have forgotten about, but someone else has remembered.

If anyone thinks this is a good idea then post your comments below and we'll see if we can get a team together to write it up, or at least start a thread that covers all the stuff someone should bear in mind before they start drawing their new map.

I've thought about this because every time I finish my map I find something I've forgotten about and have to redo it... sometimes completely overhaul it.