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    Hi all, I'm a Hobby enthusiast with a zeal for D&D and video games.

    I love artwork. In fact, the quickest way to impress me is with flashy visuals.

    I am also the father of the two greatest children ever, which is also my greatest crutch. Not the kids, but I am involved in an undying court battle with my ex wife to see them. It consumes my time and my efforts, so quite often I decide to start something only to never have time to finish. So, I try not to commit to stuff these days.

    Back to the gaming aspect, I am a DM of ... gosh, 15 years. I am very very rules lawyerish. I believe the sanctity of the game and the trust of your players is preserved by sticking to a rigid set of guidelines, even if every once in a while they seem silly.

    So yeah, there you have it.

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    And he comes to us by way of the MapTools forums. And is quite experienced with PhotoShop.

    Welcome to the Guild Dracorat!!
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    Hi Dracorat

    Welcome to the guild. Please post something as soon as you can. I think I've seen some of your stuff on other and it looked really cool. May the court battle end as soon as possible I know where you are coming from.

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    Welcome to the Guild. Yes please on the maps.
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    Welcome Dracorat.

    FYI to everyone out there, Dracorat does a great job at rendering creatures and other objects!

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