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Thread: Help with a map to role-playing with friends.

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    Default Help with a map to role-playing with friends.

    I'm looking for who can help me to make a map for an RPG I'm making to play with friends. Just for that, play with friends, nothing commercial.
    Sorry I can not upload a sketch map I want. Yesterday I started to draw, and I think tomorrow will be ready. If someone offered to help me now, I'd be very grateful. I will add the information you may need to draw in detail to the map.

    Well, the map I'm doing ... actually two maps. One is a continent called Rovendor. The other is a section of that continent, more detailed.
    I will add the map scale when I upload the map. Do I need to be in inches?, Can not be in kilometers?

    The style (ie how I want to make it), does not really matter (I mean the profesionality of the map), and I don't expect someone to lose much of their time doing.
    It would be good to add edges, aged, reliefs, etc., you know. I'm seeking the two maps that have the same background... having the same format but the different areas (which I will upload).

    Quality and Size:
    Well, if the maps look good, I plan to do some posters (or great photos) with them, and hang in a painting on my wall. Therefore, should have a good resolution for that when enlarged, its pixels are not altered.

    Time constraints:
    I have no time limit, as this is a free solicitude. I can not impose a time to work.

    I want the map for a personal use. I will use to play roleplaying games with my friends. I do not know too much about copyright, but I would like to preserve the rights of the map.

    Contact Info:
    Can write to

    Thank you very much.
    Greetings to all.

    PS: Soon I will upload the sketches and details.
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